Sap Scheduling Agreement Confirmation Key

Hello, we use the 0001 confirmation control key for supplier confirmations in schedule agreements/delivery plans. This confirmation control key is assigned to 2 types of confirmation that are both relevant to the provisions: AB (order confirmation) and LA (transit notification). The timetable agreement is established with the confirmation control key 001 and the source list is relevant to the provisions. When manually entering AB or DE in the summary of the delivery plan, the license plate of the provision is automatically set to the position. If you control the items – the list – the reduced quantities or the cumulative quantities, the confirms entered are taken into account. However, no supplier confirmation is shown in qty in relation to the MRP. The list of stocks/materials for the material in question also does not show confirmations. I`ve checked all available information to set up vendor confirmations and I can`t find any errors in our system. I thought the type of layout for the hardware (P1) might be the main cause, but the tests with gave the same result. P1 layout settings (MRP – 1 fixing type): layout, automatic fixing and planned order proposals, undulating fixed orders, optional predictions, unplanned consumption, unplanned need, screen sequence 001 Disposition settings (MRP): the same settings as for P1, unless there is no type of consolidation assigned. Thank you! Geert The old contract involved an information data set set up without a confirmation control key. So I added the key to the agreement in the inforecord and on the EKPO table.

You can collect the confirmation information of the article data in the purchase titles. I have to change the confirmation key (in me23N) of the confirmation card. It works properly if there is no partial GR (entry into the delivery plan tab) for this position item. But if there is a GR entry against this position article, it gives me the message “The confirmation key must not be changed.” How will you update this in the system if the lender confirms it? Cuz i has created a SA/DL delivery and it seems that my list of stock requirements reflects the amount of layout relevant. If I do a GR for the same, it is moved to open engagement points. Pls checks the parameters of the confirmation control key in IMG and makes sure it is relevant to the layout. In the command, there is a field confirmation control key that extracts its function from the book. The terms of a framework agreement apply up to a specified period of time and cover a certain pre-defined amount or value. To improve performance, this DataSource does not contain any information about delivery plans. This also applies to return items, service items and limited items.

Thus, you maintain the lender`s confirmation for the delivery plan. For more information on order confirmations, visit the SAP library under materials management ® purchases ® confirmations. The delivery plan is a long-term sales contract with the Kreditor, in which a creditor is required to provide equipment on pre-determined terms.