3 years Self Employed

3 years… where has the time gone?

In all the years I was an employee I never really thought i would be brave enough to go it alone. Then over 3 years ago with Shona’s Aspergers diagnosis and my Father passing away, i realised life was too short to be in a job where I couldn’t give my family 100%.

I first started with Marketing and Photography for creative industries, but soon after began getting requests for portraits. My first few were ok, they did the job. But i was hungry to learn quickly and develop a style. I absorbed as much information about Photographers i loved. Sometimes i got it right and sometimes i didn’t. It took nearly 12 months before i could honestly say i could see a style starting to develop.

When i introduced the Couture Sessions i knew this was the right path for me. I was getting as much out of the session that my client was. My creativity was flowing and i adored the images i was creating.

What have I learnt most in 3 years?

I have learnt most of all that every day has potential to grow and evolve my business. Every day i try to do something creative, every day i try to learn something new.

Always grow and learn not just from others but from what you do too.

Service is so important. Being a one (wo)man show it can be difficult to do it all and sometimes I make mistakes (eek) but i strive to do it better every time.

I have goals i set every year, i even have a 5 year goal. My path isn’t always straight and can take me off in other directions but i just re adjust my settings and move forward.

What’s happening in the Studio

I will be working more and more on Fine Art portraits for children, this is a passion of mine. To create works of art in their own right. Keep eyes peeled during the Autumn & Winter for these images.



You will see more maternity portraits coming through the studio. This is such an important time to capture, the quiet before the storm (hee hee).



What I have loved recently is the project i have taken on with my daughter to photograph animals. I am trying to teach her how to take a photograph… she doesn’t always listen but when she does she captures a wonderful image. I have even learned that i love capturing pet portraits, so much so we have introduced it to the studio.

Pet Photography

As ever i love working with women, whether its for the Couture Session or for women in business. I will be working on an exciting session shortly, so keep an eye out for the results 😀

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