Thank You

For 6 and a half years I’ve had the privilege to capture the portraits of so many families & friends in our studio and so many wonderful women in our Couture & Boudoir Sessions. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who crossed the threshold of our studio. You put food on our table and put my daughter through school. These have been amazing years, discovering the true meaning of multi-tasking and customer service. I got it wrong sometimes but I also got it right too. And either way clients were patient & appreciative.


So as you can imagine it wasn’t an easy decision to make but as of this week I am closing my business to pursue an opportunity that I am so excited about. Next January I begin a new role as Artistic Director of Nenagh Arts Centre. I can’t express how much this is going to mean, not just to me but my family too. I will of course still have the camera, photography has always been a passion and always will be but it will be just a passion for now. So as I get ready to close one small studio door, another great big avenue opens.

Thank you all again for your support! Wishing you a Peaceful 2018.

What I’ve Learned

So for six years I’ve been photographing women and I’ve learned so much over that time.

I have learned that taking a woman’s photograph is not just about pressing a button or good lighting; it’s about an emotional journey. It is about listening to her, understanding that she probably feels scared, vulnerable and may even lack confidence.

I have learned that empathy and ability creates beautiful images that have a lasting effect. That it is ok to say you like or even love yourself.

I have learned that we need to be positive about ourselves and other too, we need to focus on what we love and learn to show an outward positivity to encourage others to treat us well.

Eva x

Introducing Boudoir Couture Lingerie

As of Autumn 2017 we are introducing a range of Lingerie suitable not only for Boudoir Couture photoshoots but also as a treat for yourself. Check out the beautiful Lillian below, the first of many designs.

Lillian Chemise

Fall in Love with yourself in 5 easy steps

Fall in Love with yourself in 5 easy steps…

or “how to fall in love with yourself and not feel guilty about it, not one bit”

Sounds simple doesn’t it, well it can be if we just get out of our own way! A photoshoot, whether Couture or Boudoir is a small part of the journey for self love. Makeup and beautiful images make us feel good about our selves but how do we make that feeling last long term? We do that with the small details, reminding ourselves every day how amazing we truly are.

Fall in Love with yourself in 5 easy steps

That can be difficult, right? To say out loud “Oh I’m amazing, I love myself”… Yip! Doesn’t roll off the tongue does it? I’m not talking about the “Wow I’m better than anyone else”.. far from that, I’m talking about self appreciation.

So what can you do to help yourself on this journey? There are loads of little things but today I’m going to show you 5 simple, every days things you can do.

  1. Give yourself a compliment, right now… we can wait…… got it? Write it down somewhere.. read it, and again. Right today you are going to emit that quality. You will ooze this wonderfulness that makes you unique. So, once you’ve got that, repeat it again tomorrow. Try this every day for a week, then once a week, say a Monday morning. Make it a habit, write it down!
  2. What is your USP? (Unique Special Person). Close your eyes, think about what is your passions, your interests, what music do you love, what do you love it eat, what’s your accomplishments? Write it down!
  3. “WOW. I’m Awesome”… worthy of love, respect and appreciation. So start doing it! What 3 things make you awesome, it can be anything, take time to think about it and then when you’re ready guess what… that’s correct, write it down! Read it out loud, and again until it’s ingrained in your mind. Write it on a post it and place it somewhere around the house so you see it every day.
  4. Did anyone ever give you a compliment? How did you react? Was it by putting yourself down as you don’t want to come across vain or full of your self importance… Well stop it now! The next time someone says something, listen to it, take it on board, thank them as they took to time to say it to you. When you get the chance… write it down!
  5. Make a conscious decision to do one thing this week that is good for you or your soul…  for example, lather yourself in a beautiful body butter or lotion, treat yourself to a manicure or massage, create something home made, eat your favourite food (guilt free). What ever you choose to do make sure to remind yourself that you deserve it and you’re doing it with love.

Imagine what we could do if we appreciated ourselves a little bit more

Imagine what we could do if we appreciated ourselves a little bit more…

Behind the Scenes of a Boudoir Shoot

If you’ve ever thought about doing a Boudoir Couture session, i’m sure you’re wondering what it’s like. Not knowing what to expect can be very daunting and until you do they shoot you don’t realise how easy it can actually be.

Boudoir Couture is all about how you feel and not what you wear, it’s created to make you feel empowered, feminine, beautiful and believe in your self. It’s part of a longer journey in self appreciation and one that is so much fun.

With that in mind, one of our lovely Boudoir clients gave us permission to shoot some behind the scenes footage of her session and now we can share that with you.

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Behind the scenes of a Boudoir Couture photoshoot