Business Headshots

I’m always delighted to be asked to capture business headshots, and I’m often asked questions about what to wear, how the image should look etc. I’ve answered the most popular questions below and hope they are of use the next time you decide to update your business portrait.
business headshots
  1. Your business portrait should be used to put a face to your business and reflect the industry you are in. For example, if you are in the corporate world then you should look professional and welcoming, if you are in a holistic business then your portrait should be soft and welcoming.
  2. Body Language: If you cross your arms make sure you are smiling. When you close off your body it looks like you’re not approachable, by smiling you can look professional and open.
  3. Business or casual? What you wear should reflect your business. What would you wear meeting a client for the first time? Your business headshot is more than likely the first impression they will get of you, so make sure it’s a good one!
  4. What to wear? Keep your style simple and avoid high fashion and anything seasonal clothing (short sleeves) as it dates the image. Go for a look you know suits you. Opt for solid colours and avoid strong patterns. And if possible bring a change of clothes/colours to maximise your investment with a photographer, you might get a second or third image.
  5. Lastly, where can i use them? You can use it on your website, blog, business cards, social media, press releases, company brochures, marketing material, industry papers…. the list goes on.