K’s Boudoir Couture Session

I am so lucky to have amazing clients who are such an inspiration. Have a read about K’s Boudoir Couture experience in her own words, this may inspire you too, Eva x


I always wanted to have a Boudoir Couture photo taken. I love Gok Won and always watched his programme ‘How to look good naked’. I have three children and thankfully never kept the ‘baby weight’ or got stretch marks, but lately because of exercise I feel fitter, feel better and think that for my age I don’t look bad. This was for me, a gift for me and DH (*darling husband).

IMG_9603-webThe weeks before my session I put a lot of thought into what to wear and how I wanted my image to be captured. I researched Boudoir Couture and fell in love with Pinterest! I surprised myself by having a lot of what I wanted to wear already, all I needed to buy was pearls and stockings. I even rang Eva about arranging to drop in my bag of what I was going to wear a few days before my session! As the day grew nearer I was excited about my session and so looked forward to the day. Then the day arrived, I was giggly but nervous. I wanted to do this, I was going to do this, I was going to enjoy doing this. I am extremely camera shy and don’t like getting my photo taken, so as a norm this was going to be completely out of my comfort zone. But from speaking to Eva on the phone and meeting her for my consultation I knew that once I got to her studio I would relax and would feel comfortable during my session.

After my session I felt Amazing!! My make up and hair were both done to perfection, exactly what I wanted. I was on a high, so empowered as a woman! I had just posed in lingerie for an hour being photographed and enjoyed every second. Given half a chance I would have gone back in a heart beat for another session!

To be honest, when I saw my images at first I didn’t recognise myself. I asked Eva, Is that Me? I looked so good. I looked sexy, curvy, womanly, gorgeous, comfortable in my own skin! Which is exactly what I wanted to look like.

The main thing I would say to that is be honest with yourself! Know what you want, how you want to look, and how you want to feel. Do your research. Speak to Eva. Listen to Eva. She will guide you. She is gifted. From the minute I spoke to her I felt comfortable and I knew I was going to enjoy my Boudoir Couture session. I am so so glad that I did this and would recommend it to all women. We don’t have to be 7ft tall and a size 0 to be beautiful. Have a session with Eva and you will see how beautiful you are.  I hope to go back for another session!
And can’t wait to give DH his gift xx