Pet Portraits for Charity

During the week February 2nd – 9th both Shona and I photographed nearly 20 pets for two local Charities, Limerick SPCA & Limerick Feral Cats.

It was a challenging week, not just teaching Shona how to use the camera but also how to get the best out of your client, in this case, pets.

During the sessions, i could hear Shona every now and then say “Yes”, which was fantastic, no longer was she just blindly shooting but was waiting for the right moment and knew when she got it!

We managed to raise €520 for both charities, which you can imagine they were delighted with.

Mary from Limerick Feral Cats said the money will go towards neutering 6 cats, which Limerick SPCA plan to spend it on purchasing much needed hay for local horses.

Shona Birdthistle Mulligan_Limerick feral Cats_Limerick SPCA_WEB

L-R Back Row: Mary Mollica, Limerick Feral Cats. Shona Birdthistle Mulligan, Eva Birdthistle Photography. Geraldine Nardone, Limerick SPCA
L-R Front Row: Pam Skehan, Limerick SPCA. Con Horan, Limerick SPCA