Couture Session

What to wear

This post is a guide to what to wear for your photoshoot, it is most important that over anything else you are comfortable on the day. Ok i don’t really recommend tracksuit and t-shirt, but if you’re wearing something you don’t feel good in then it will show in your portrait. 🙂

First off, decide whether you want to be photographed in a casual look, a little dressier or even in that WOW outfit! If you are being photographed with other family members, make sure that you look similar in style but not matching, as each of you are unique and should dress accordingly. 

Avoid patterns and choose block colours instead, as your eye gets drawn to pattern and you should be the focus of your photo. Details such as lace sleeves or lace necklines are stunning! Sequins, V-Necks, semi-fitted tops or dresses are gorgeous to photograph too and so complimentary to every body shape.

Before your shoot try everything on and make sure it fits comfortably. Repair any faults, steam, iron or launder your outfit before your shoot. Give your nails a polish and don’t forget your accessories.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout, talk soon.


Irish Portrait

You may know by now, I adore emotive portraits and I love creating images that look like paintings. Niamh won a Couture Session competition and during the pre-session appointment I soon realised the style of shoot we would be creating.

She adores Irish fashion from the 20’s & 30’s and she loves medieval architecture, literature and art. But we didn’t want to create something that looked like a costume but rather influenced by all these elements.

The artist that came to mind was Lavery, his women were always emotive but also very strong. So with this in mind we created a selection of images that were in my opinion an “Irish Portrait”.



Please if you are looking for a portrait, ask me to shoot you like this. I would be in heaven!

Eva x

Strong, Beautiful, Unique!


I want to make something very clear... Just like all women! We are strong, beautiful and unique! Please remember that….

I know there are times we don’t feel it or see it, we may feel tired and worn out but that is the very time we need to look after ourselves, be kind about how we feel (don’t give ourselves a hard time) be gentle and put ourselves first, i know a lot easier said than done. Strength comes from knowing what vulnerability feels like. 

Life does have its up and downs, but the great thing is we can choose to have more ups! Its all about how we see things. Don’t get me wrong, i have my moments but i try and work (hard) on being positive every day but it is so worth being able to choose to be happy. Happiness is real beauty, its written all over you.

What makes us unique is our own story, every woman i meet has a story to tell. We have emotional and physical scars that life has given us but these are our tiger stripes! These show us we have battled and survived.

It helps to have inspiring people around you too, look out for them, they are worth their weight in gold!

So please remember we are all strong, beautiful and unique, tell yourself, tell others xxx

Make Up By Jessica

Jessica Shortt is a freelance makeup artist that has worked with me many times on the beautiful Couture Sessions. I  have asked her to write a few words about what to expect from the Couture Session makeup process


Your couture session come’s with professional makeup application and hair styling which will be tailored specifically to enhance your natural features and beauty. Before we begin we can discuss what makeup look you may like and what will fit with the concept of your couture session.

With this in mind, I have pulled together a guide for you on what to expect from the Couture Session makeup and styling process.

A few tips from me – Bare faced is best! If possible, I would recommend coming to the session with little or no makeup. Secondly, feel free to bring along some pictures as inspiration for make-up looks and hair styles that you like, words can sometimes get lost in translation so a picture can act as a guide for us both to work from. Lastly, relax and enjoy the experience.

Couture Sessions

Like all of the beautiful faces I paint, I will begin by cleansing, toning and priming your skin. I carry a wide selection of high-end, designer products such as the ultimate Global brands of MAC & Bobbi Brown, the artistic French labels, NARS & Makeup Forever and of course the timeless classic, Lancôme. Once your skin is prepped and primed we will continue by creating a beautiful even base, If you would prefer a light foundation base we can use tinted moisturiser or you may want to go for full, flawless coverage. I will cater to both and everything in between. Once your picture perfect base is applied we will move onto colour – vibrant pink lips, peach blushed cheeks or smoldering smokey eyes. Everything will be tailored specifically to suit you and the concept of your couture session.

Getting in front of the camera can be nerve wrecking but don’t worry, you are in the hands of professionals who will make you look and feel truly fantastic. The proof is the in the photo – Check out Eva’s gallery for past Couture Session images.

I hope to meet you soon


We are perfect today!

I love meeting new people, i love learning about a person i never knew before. The reason is that everyone has a story to tell. And when you photograph someone it gives you a bit of an insight into who they are. When we do a Couture Session, this is when you learn a lot about someone usually through insecurities.

I have plenty of these insecurities myself, so when it came to put myself (and my Mum & Sister) in front of the camera, they all surfaced! Thoughts like “i’m too heavy, I don’t feel beautiful, what if i look awful in the final images…” the list goes on. I had to have a wee chat with myself, the same conversation I usually have with my clients.

Don’t put it off until you’ve lost those few pounds, you are perfect as you are today. Embrace who you are now!

Lets show our children (and daughters especially) we are strong confident women even with all our insecurities, they make us who we are.

I don’t want to regret not having that beautiful photograph of my Mum, Sister and myself to treasure forever.

Be brave and love the experience.

So the day of the shoot, the three of us with our nerves embraced the experience. I had a dual role, being photographer and client but i experienced the fun and laughter that goes with feeling a little exposed but ultimately loving it.

I don’t regret for one minute having the Couture Session done and maybe the next time I do it I might not feel so vulnerable but if i do i will still give it 100%

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