You are Beautiful


“You are beautiful, it’s my job to make you feel it”. Whether you choose a Couture or Boudoir photoshoot I believe that all my clients should feel amazing after their session. It’s a mantra I live by so much so that today we organised for a local artist to hand paint the quote above our gorgeous throne. So anytime you visit you know that more than anything we will do everything in our skill and power to make sure you leave knowing how beautiful you truly are.




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Creating a Personal Brand Shoot

A few months ago Brenda of Annie Ruffles Vintage Creations asked me to create some new business headshots for her. During her pre-session appointment we chatted about personal brands, her band values & brand personality and decided to shoot at a location that reflected her brand personality, classical, vintage, designer, relaxed… We also talked about wardrobe, creating a Pinterest board to attach ideas to and Brenda even snapped and sent some of her chosen items before the shoot.

planning shoot_edited-1

On the day of the shoot, Brenda had her hair & makeup done at our studio by Marian of Wedding Heaven. Marian listened to Brenda’s ideas as well as bringing her expertise. An hour and half of pampering and chatting we were ready to head to our stunning location… No 1 Pery Square.

Brenda Makeup_edited-1

We had pre-ordered the delicious afternoon tea to mirror the her brand with it being served on vintage tableware. We both found it nearly impossible not to eat the “props”… nearly!


During the shoot we chatted about business, family, tea, cake… not only helping Brenda to relax but also to get to know her more. We got through a series of images quiet quickly and when we finished shooting, we devoured the afternoon tea. Yum!



The results were just perfect, a series of images that reflected Brenda’s brand that will serve her and her business well. Click here to check out some more of Brenda’s images from her shoot.

Irish Portrait

You may know by now, I adore emotive portraits and I love creating images that look like paintings. Niamh won a Couture Session competition and during the pre-session appointment I soon realised the style of shoot we would be creating.

She adores Irish fashion from the 20’s & 30’s and she loves medieval architecture, literature and art. But we didn’t want to create something that looked like a costume but rather influenced by all these elements.

The artist that came to mind was Lavery, his women were always emotive but also very strong. So with this in mind we created a selection of images that were in my opinion an “Irish Portrait”.



Please if you are looking for a portrait, ask me to shoot you like this. I would be in heaven!

Eva x

First Wedding Trade Fair

Phew, what a weekend. I am catching up after my first Wedding Fair, it was an Ultimate Weddings Live event. It was very well organised fair with very helpful staff. I know the first year will always be a little more quieter than normal but i did have some wonderful couples, families and friends pop over to check out my work. The real test is how many of these will turn into clients, fingers crossed.

Ultimate Weddings Live2

I didn’t want to go with just a table which is what was on offer with the stand. So instead we up-cycled some old furniture from home (thanks Shona for letting me “borrow” your book case) a little black paint and a stunning purple chair, in love! And that little table with the Queen Ann legs… that was in my Mums bedroom when i was a child, love having her with me 🙂

Ultimate Weddings Live4

I wanted fresh flowers for the stand and Patricia from Ring O Roses supplied us with the perfect flowers that matched our red & purple highlights, so pretty.

Ultimate Weddings Live3

My favourite item is the gold frame with our beautiful Bride getting ready, I know not a typical framed image but i love the light and grace in this portrait.

Ultimate Weddings Live

On Saturday a lucky lady called Ciara was randomly chosen to experience a Couture Session Photoshoot live at the wedding fair. She was whisked away and treated to a makeup application by Alison & Marian and then a photoshoot to capture a gorgeous Couture image.

Ciara Before her makeover

Ciara Before her makeover

Ciara being treated to a makeup application

Ciara being treated to a makeup application

Ciara's Couture session portrait

Ciara’s Couture session portrait

Now its time to catch up with other work, but already planning my next event, can’t wait 🙂

Eva x

Make Up By Jessica

Jessica Shortt is a freelance makeup artist that has worked with me many times on the beautiful Couture Sessions. I  have asked her to write a few words about what to expect from the Couture Session makeup process


Your couture session come’s with professional makeup application and hair styling which will be tailored specifically to enhance your natural features and beauty. Before we begin we can discuss what makeup look you may like and what will fit with the concept of your couture session.

With this in mind, I have pulled together a guide for you on what to expect from the Couture Session makeup and styling process.

A few tips from me – Bare faced is best! If possible, I would recommend coming to the session with little or no makeup. Secondly, feel free to bring along some pictures as inspiration for make-up looks and hair styles that you like, words can sometimes get lost in translation so a picture can act as a guide for us both to work from. Lastly, relax and enjoy the experience.

Couture Sessions

Like all of the beautiful faces I paint, I will begin by cleansing, toning and priming your skin. I carry a wide selection of high-end, designer products such as the ultimate Global brands of MAC & Bobbi Brown, the artistic French labels, NARS & Makeup Forever and of course the timeless classic, Lancôme. Once your skin is prepped and primed we will continue by creating a beautiful even base, If you would prefer a light foundation base we can use tinted moisturiser or you may want to go for full, flawless coverage. I will cater to both and everything in between. Once your picture perfect base is applied we will move onto colour – vibrant pink lips, peach blushed cheeks or smoldering smokey eyes. Everything will be tailored specifically to suit you and the concept of your couture session.

Getting in front of the camera can be nerve wrecking but don’t worry, you are in the hands of professionals who will make you look and feel truly fantastic. The proof is the in the photo – Check out Eva’s gallery for past Couture Session images.

I hope to meet you soon