Thank You

For 6 and a half years I’ve had the privilege to capture the portraits of so many families & friends in our studio and so many wonderful women in our Couture & Boudoir Sessions. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who crossed the threshold of our studio. You put food on our table and put my daughter through school. These have been amazing years, discovering the true meaning of multi-tasking and customer service. I got it wrong sometimes but I also got it right too. And either way clients were patient & appreciative.


So as you can imagine it wasn’t an easy decision to make but as of this week I am closing my business to pursue an opportunity that I am so excited about. Next January I begin a new role as Artistic Director of Nenagh Arts Centre. I can’t express how much this is going to mean, not just to me but my family too. I will of course still have the camera, photography has always been a passion and always will be but it will be just a passion for now. So as I get ready to close one small studio door, another great big avenue opens.

Thank you all again for your support! Wishing you a Peaceful 2018.