We are perfect today!

I love meeting new people, i love learning about a person i never knew before. The reason is that everyone has a story to tell. And when you photograph someone it gives you a bit of an insight into who they are. When we do a Couture Session, this is when you learn a lot about someone usually through insecurities.

I have plenty of these insecurities myself, so when it came to put myself (and my Mum & Sister) in front of the camera, they all surfaced! Thoughts like “i’m too heavy, I don’t feel beautiful, what if i look awful in the final images…” the list goes on. I had to have a wee chat with myself, the same conversation I usually have with my clients.

Don’t put it off until you’ve lost those few pounds, you are perfect as you are today. Embrace who you are now!

Lets show our children (and daughters especially) we are strong confident women even with all our insecurities, they make us who we are.

I don’t want to regret not having that beautiful photograph of my Mum, Sister and myself to treasure forever.

Be brave and love the experience.

So the day of the shoot, the three of us with our nerves embraced the experience. I had a dual role, being photographer and client but i experienced the fun and laughter that goes with feeling a little exposed but ultimately loving it.

I don’t regret for one minute having the Couture Session done and maybe the next time I do it I might not feel so vulnerable but if i do i will still give it 100%