What clients are saying about Boudoir Couture

I am utterly amazed at the response to the Boudoir Couture session in our studio in Limerick. So many women are daring to bare, sometimes as a gift for their other half, sometimes for themselves. Its on many a Bucket List, or is to help with self esteem. Whatever the reason, it is now more popular than a standard portrait.


A recent client said after her session “this was supposed to be a gift for my husband but the session has turned out to be a gift for myself” 

Every woman is beautiful, but sometimes we don’t feel it. It is my job to show you how beautiful you are. This morning’s client dropped me a quick message after her session “just want to say a huge thank you for this morning.You made me feel like a million dollars”

And my favourite of one, you know you’re going to want to show these images off to your friends, wait until you see their reaction… “Delighted with my images, still in shock to be honest with how well I look. Showed a friend today…wow was the reaction…. then I said its Me!!” 

I love how positive the experience is, how positive my clients feel about themselves and their images. Its time to dare to bare, put on your favourite underwear and get the Boudoir Couture experience.

Eva x

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